OnPassive – Total Internet Solution with AI

OnPassive New Products

The company has developed a range of digital products using the latest Artificial intelligence technology incorporated into each product. The products can be used as a single product, or work seamlessly with any of the other products, depending on customer needs. We also have other products the US Military are testing as we speak. The digital products the company developed …


Still Looking?

OnPassive Still Looking

Imagine you are good at selling financial products or products for beauty or health. You can be good at networking other network builders, or retailers, financial products, or beauty or health products. However, you will always be a marketing tool for the company for which you are a reseller or network. Facts are that 97% of people fail, they can’t …


9 Wonderful Viral Marketing Techniques with Proven Successful Facts

OnPassive Marketing Facts

We might have heard or seen some videos or some audios have gone viral on the internet; it means spreading the thought or idea to the maximum number of people is what we call it as viral. On the internet, especially in YouTube, we see viral contents like pranks and some dialogues went viral. Who spreads this kind of viral …


Open AI Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

OnPassive Artificial Intelligence

For several years, there have been many discussions on AI’s capability. Many believed that AI outperforms humans in solving a few sectors. As the technology in its infancy, researchers are expecting human-like autonomous systems in the next coming years. OpenAI strategy has a leading posture in the artificial intelligence research space. The goal is on advancing digital intelligence in a way that …


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