Simple Ways For Founders To Inspire Their Startup Employees

OnPassive Founders

Employees, particularly startup employees, don’t react well to pioneers whose activities don’t match their words. Close-knit teams rapidly perceive when their managers state a specific something and do another. Hypocritical leadership brings down employee efficiency and productivity, harms working environment morale, and diminishes the organization’s ability to advance and innovate, per Interact. The more regular the hypocrisy, the more dramatic the …


What Type Of Startup Founder Are You?

OnPassive GoFounders

There are many entrepreneurs, but only some have succeeded. People with rare talent can possess steady confidence to build a company and make a company long lasts. CEO’s are expected to perform like experts, hire, manage, and sell like a champion. Customers have become empowered for decision making on an informed purchase based on existing built product substance. Hence, product …


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