OnPassive – Total Internet Solution with AI

OnPassive New Products

The company has developed a range of digital products using the latest Artificial intelligence technology incorporated into each product. The products can be used as a single product, or work seamlessly with any of the other products, depending on customer needs. We also have other products the US Military are testing as we speak. The digital products the company developed …


Great Ways for Choosing an Email Marketing

OnPassive Email Marketing

Marketing has many different subjects, but the most profitable and easy marketing technique will be Email Marketing. For example, the amount invested on an Email marketing campaign $1, the return on investment will be like $45, yes it’s true, and that is a 4400% increment on what the business is spending on Email marketing. It is the reason why there is a …


How Is Facial Recognition Used in Evolving Promises, Challenges, And Future In The World Of AI?

OnPassive Artificial Intelligence

By identifying the users with discovered patterns and behavioral data, machines continue to improve their output, the latest AI. The offset technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning are used. When it is unlocked, look at your smartphone screen and make a payment through a mobile wallet app. For authorization, look straight at the device camera. It is the way …


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