Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy With New Digital Marketing Trends 2021

OnPassive Digital Marketing

As we all knew 2020, we have seen a giant mess in human lives, especially with the covid-19 pandemic. In this modern era of technology, all Digital marketing strategies moved from one direction to another direction. Now, it is time for us to adapt to the Digital marketing trends of 2021. Covid-19 drastically impacted the marketing world; apart from that, many disasters happened …


Simple Ways For Founders To Inspire Their Startup Employees

OnPassive Founders

Employees, particularly startup employees, don’t react well to pioneers whose activities don’t match their words. Close-knit teams rapidly perceive when their managers state a specific something and do another. Hypocritical leadership brings down employee efficiency and productivity, harms working environment morale, and diminishes the organization’s ability to advance and innovate, per Interact. The more regular the hypocrisy, the more dramatic the …


Startup Tips To Come Out Stronger From Covid-19 Crisis

OnPassive GoFounders

We all know that challenging situations will make us stronger. But, many people are not ready to take the tough challenges and call it quits. Entrepreneurs know that developing a success story is not enough; they should respond to each situation quickly in a smart way and lead with resilience. Many agree that having the right mindset is essential for …


How Is Facial Recognition Used in Evolving Promises, Challenges, And Future In The World Of AI?

OnPassive Artificial Intelligence

By identifying the users with discovered patterns and behavioral data, machines continue to improve their output, the latest AI. The offset technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning are used. When it is unlocked, look at your smartphone screen and make a payment through a mobile wallet app. For authorization, look straight at the device camera. It is the way …


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