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Look, it’s not that difficult to understand.
For the uninitiated people out there, who are not part of this company, so have no idea of how it works, especially regarding how Founders get paid.

Here it is, in simplistic terms:

This company, ONPASSIVE, is a global Artificial intelligence information technology company based in the USA. Florida to be precise.

The company is also a legitimate registered company, something you can’t do, especially in the USA if you are not a legitimate business. They drill down into every aspect of your business. You can find the registration for the company online, if you feel the need too.

This company, like any company, works on the premise of supply and demand.

That’s how business works.

The company has developed a range of digital products using the latest Artificial intelligence technology incorporated into each product. The products can be used as a single product, or work seamlessly with any of the other products, depending on customer needs.

We also have other products the US Military are testing as we speak.

The digital products the company developed will save 10s of millions of companies around the world, both time and money, as they are cutting edge technology. Large companies are already showing huge interest in these products.

That’s because every company on the planet wants the same thing, that’s to both make profit, and save money, so everything they purchase has to be cost effective, OnPassive understands this, and developed the tools to suit their needs.

Our customer base is 4.7 Billion internet users.
The company knows that everyone of those customers, at some stage, will have a reason to use our products. That can be our social media platforms, or business, or both.

Lots of people have sold items on Ebay, Amazon, Facebook marketplace, or other platforms.

With our platforms, it will be much easier, as the technology is there to put you ahead of the competition. That is just one aspect of the bigger picture.

Starting a business online, even as a sideline, is made easy using our products.

There are so many ways to make money from this company, it’s ridiculous.

There is huge demand for our products online, we are simply supplying that demand.
That is called business.

So if you become a Founder, how do you make money?
Simple, every time someone buys our products, you get a piece of it.

Here’s an analogy I like to use:

We all know of Asda and Tesco in the UK and Ireland.
There are millions of people shopping in their stores every single day.

So each time a cash register opens, and money is placed inside of that cash register, imagine getting a percentage out of every one of those cash registers, and remember, they are only in the UK and Ireland. And their customer base is not 4.7 Billion.

Now, are you starting to see the dynamics of this?
If this doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, you must be dead inside. An idiot could see the potential here.

Look, it’s not rocket science, well the products are way beyond that, but in regards to the business side.

If you’re a plasterer, a bricklayer, a hairdresser, a shop owner etc.
What will you do tomorrow? You’ll go out to work and fill a need.
Someone wants a wall built, or plastered, a haircut, or buy food etc, you supply that depends. This is the bare basics of business.

ONPASSIVE is no different in that respect.
We are supplying the demand, only we are doing it on a global scale, to billions of customers. We have the confidence in what we do, simply because our products are far superior to anything that’s currently out there, at a much better price point.

Every single aspect of this business has been meticulously thought through. Nothing has been left to chance. So when people ask when do we launch, it doesn’t give a response. This is extremely serious, and getting it right is critical. We launch once, and we launch right.

I was asked if I would do a simple version of the business by a friend of mine, so I hope I did it justice.

For everyone else, I hope it’s been informative.
It should let you see that ONPASSIVE is simply a business, it’s no big secret, it’s open and transparent for all to see.

I just think, what puts people off, is not really understanding the products because they are digital. I think if they were solid products, more people would be open to the idea, but that’s technology for you, you can’t stop progress, that’s the modern world today.

My advice is to embrace it, and capitalise from it.

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