OnPassive HiTech City

OnPassive – 10 Reasons To Join!

1. Owning your own business. When you pay your fee as a founder, you are given a website presence backed by an AI/IT company with everything needed to create, manage, and grow your own high-tech ...
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OnPassive – Overview – Now Boarding!

OnPassive is a multi billion dollar company that will be launched to the world in 2022. Onpassive is offering founder positions until we go live. Watch this video and learn about all the online tools, ...
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OnPassive New Products

OnPassive – Total Internet Solution with AI

The company has developed a range of digital products using the latest Artificial intelligence technology incorporated into each product. The products can be used as a single product, or work seamlessly with any of the ...
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OnPassive Still Looking

Still Looking?

Imagine you are good at selling financial products or products for beauty or health. You can be good at networking other network builders, or retailers, financial products, or beauty or health products. However, you will ...
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OnPassive Time To

It’s Time For Success!

You have the opportunity to be part of a company that creates a network of customers, resellers and network creators from all over the world. What would it be like if you woke up in ...
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OnPassive Big News

We Are BIG News!

Being a part of it is a win .. you can win too, with us ... we are just starting and we will be a very famous company in the world that will shake the ...
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OnPassive Total Online Solution-1280x630

OnPassive – Focus on Value – Success Comes Naturally!

Look, it's not that difficult to understand. For the uninitiated people out there, who are not part of this company, so have no idea of how it works, especially regarding how Founders get paid. Here ...
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OnPassive Income-1200x800

OnPassive – Passive Income? Why Not?

So, ONPASSIVE is the brain-child of its Founder and CEO, Mr. Ash Mufareh. It’s an Artificial Intelligence / Information Technology (AI/IT) company that builds fully-automated digital products for our customers and the world using artificial ...
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