9 Wonderful Viral Marketing Techniques with Proven Successful Facts

OnPassive Marketing Facts

We might have heard or seen some videos or some audios have gone viral on the internet; it means spreading the thought or idea to the maximum number of people is what we call it as viral. On the internet, especially in YouTube, we see viral contents like pranks and some dialogues went viral. Who spreads this kind of viral …


Consumer Stories Influencing Digital Marketing

OnPassive Marketing

Our childhood is a happy holiday, and we all knew bedtime stories are fantastic things when we use to listen from our Grand Parents; these stories have driven us to know mythology, our culture, morality and many more. We use to Mesmerize and fall in love with these stories. In the same way, every business and each brand has a …


Open AI Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

OnPassive Artificial Intelligence

For several years, there have been many discussions on AI’s capability. Many believed that AI outperforms humans in solving a few sectors. As the technology in its infancy, researchers are expecting human-like autonomous systems in the next coming years. OpenAI strategy has a leading posture in the artificial intelligence research space. The goal is on advancing digital intelligence in a way that …


ONPASSIVE: Managing Your Business for You

OnPassive Video Managing

Ever thought that you could do business even when you are sleeping? There is nothing to be surprised as only ONPASSIVE gives you this amazing opportunity since the platform is powered by super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence. Now sleep peacefully only to see the scales shoot-up next morning. How many of you can say that establishing and managing a business is easy? …


Great Ways for Choosing an Email Marketing

OnPassive Email Marketing

Marketing has many different subjects, but the most profitable and easy marketing technique will be Email Marketing. For example, the amount invested on an Email marketing campaign $1, the return on investment will be like $45, yes it’s true, and that is a 4400% increment on what the business is spending on Email marketing. It is the reason why there is a …


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